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9:30-11AM           Yoga 101 Series         ($72, pre-reg req'd)          Stephanie
                               Series starts 22 April

11:30AM-12:45     Yin Yoga  #                     (drop in, $12)               Stephanie                                                                               


6:00-7:00PM         PWYC Ashtanga Basics #    (*PWYC, $5-8)    Stephanie

7:15-8:15PM          Yoga 101 Series       ($72, pre-reg req'd)          Stephanie
                               Series runs 19 Feb -  18 Feb


6:00-7:30AM         Ashtanga Mysore  **  No class May 8        (drop in, $12)      Stephanie
                             ** Prev exp or Intro Wkshop, arrive by 6:45           

6:00-7:15PM         Hatha Yoga  #                         (drop in, $12)         Dennis  


5:30-7PM              Power Flow  ♦♦                      (drop in, $15)       Stephanie

7:15-8:45PM         Vinyasa 101- Series  ($72, pre-reg req'd)    
                                             Series starts 18 April                            Stephanie 


6:00-7:30AM          Ashtanga Mysore  **   No class May 10     (drop in, $12)          Stephanie
                             ** Prev exp or Intro Wkshop, arrive by 6:45          

6:00-7:15PM         Inspired   (Level 2)              (drop in, $12)             Dennis  


Fridays - Special Events on First Fridays are in place of Unwind classes

6:00-7:15PM        Unwind  #                                    (drop in, $12)      Stephanie 

6 PM                    First Fridays Special Events!    (drop in, $15)      Stephanie
                                  Yin & Sangria (for Cinco de Mayo!)  
  #    May 4th


9:30-11:00AM           Beyond Basics  ♦♦              (drop in, $15)         Stephanie

11:15AM-12:30PM    *PWYC Hatha Yoga  #        (*PWYC, $5-8)         Dennis 


*PWYC / Community classes are priced to be open to all students. If even this amount is too much for you, you are still welcome to attend. Please donate what you can afford to our cash jar.   Please note: PWYC scale is cash only. Credit/debit card drop-ins will be charged drop-in prices.

**  - Some yoga experience required
#   - All levels
♦♦ - Level 2-3
◘◘ -Mysore / Open Studio -  
An opportunity to practice with the community at your own pace, for the time you need, In addition to the traditional Mysore method of learning and practicing Ashtanga yoga, the Open Studio settng is also a great way to build a home practice with support. We will be there to answer questions, provide suggestions and help you build a practice that meets your needs in the moment.