OM Every Day

30 Day Yoga Challenge

Start the year building, deepening, or kick-starting your yoga practice. Dig deeply into the benefits of regular practice, and relieve stress while improving overall health.


How does it work? 

- You. Us. Yoga. Every day. 30 days, Jan 2nd-31st.

- Unlimited Yoga for January $63

- Days not at the studio- send us a photo & brief description of your practice. *


What's in it for me?

- A discount on unlimited yoga and a souped-up schedule for the month.

- Grow your practice, try new styles, connect with your body and mind more deeply.


Other ways to participate and reap rewards:

- Share your practice! Post a photo of your practice 1x/week to our FB page and be entered for 30 days unlimited.


FAQ & Details:

- What if I miss a day? 

  • This year, we're doing something a little different - bring a friend to class that's new to the studio. Some people are more likely to make it to class with a friend, so why not start the year off right? You can do this for 2 missed days. 

- What about your meditation classes? Do those count? 

  • Yep, they all count toward your 30 practices. It's ALL yoga. And this is a great chance to grow your practice beyond just asana! 

- What if I have to travel?

  • Bring us a receipt or other proof that you took classes while you were out of town, up to 5 days.

- What do I need to do to get started?

  • First, tell us you're in! Email us at or sign up at the front desk.
  • Come in, practice yoga! (Preferably with legible sign-ins. ;))

- *I can't fit group classes into my schedule every day. What now?

  • At least 4 classes per week must be at the studio. See the next point for days you're unable to be at the studio.

- *I practiced at home today. What do I need to do? 

  • Send us a photo or video of part of your practice, with a bit about what your practice was today. Did you opt for some restoratives the day after a rough workout? Or maybe today was Yin and you were in more of a Power Flow mood. ;)  You can email it to or post to our Facebook page and share with the rest of the community.